17 février 2011

On September 11th 2001 terrorists diverted airplanes to crash them on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in Manhattan. As a result, all the persons in the planes were killed like numerous other working in these buildings.


Several thousand persons were wounded during attacks and several thousand died including 343 firefighters and 60 policemen.

The scene was horrible such as we have never seen this except in science fiction !

It is difficult to imagine a more dangerous situation since this terrible event. In the towers, there was a bad situation: people were crying and couldn’t breathe because there was a lot of smoke.


In spite of this, firefighters were able to save many lives. In fact, they made an extraordinary work. That’s why we pay them a real tribute.

Actually, they were capable of saving lives and putting out the fire. The firefighters were very courageous.

Although these people don’t have Superman’s or Spiderman’s abilities such as fly or climb on walls, they have the most beautiful power, that to save lives.

In other words, firefighters are real superheroes.

To conclude, nobody will forget this terrible day. On top of it some people thought it was a hoax. Unfortunately it was real…

The statistics were huge and impressive...

We can call the FDNY the Captains of America all over the US because the work they did is unforgettable !


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